There’s no place like home

Two years ago I took a big step in my life to move away from my home town and family home for University. From that day on I had to make adult decisions alone and look after myself and environment. I moved into a brand new flat which was quite modern. However, it didn’t feel like ‘home’; there was something missing so I added a creative touch.

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My dream dressing room

Since I was a young girl I’ve always fantasised of having a princess dressing room… So now is the time I turn that dream into a reality. I have designed my dream dressing room inspired by Princess Mia and Hannah Montana – Elegant, cool, and classy.

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Stylish suits for men

My blog seems to be based around girls fashion a lot. So I’ve decided to create a guide for men. I’m aware not many of my followers are male, but how about using a few tips for the men in your life. My dad springs to mind, he’s always off to different events and hasn’t a clue which is where my fashionista side takes over.

I think all women can agree that a man wearing a suit makes them 100 per cent more attractive. Suits are usually worn for formal events such as weddings, business events etc. A lot of men seem to stick with the same old black suit that they’ve had for a good couple of years. This is where they need your help girls. Why not spice up the suit? Add a bit of pattern or colour to stand out.

Windowpane Suit 


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Red lipstick review

This ones for lovers of red lipsticks. From vibrant to dark they come in various shades, even if it is only one colour – you can never have enough red lippy! I’m slightly obsessed. I thought I’d review a few of the red lipsticks I own and give advice on the best one to buy.

MAC Brave Red                          8/10

MAC has a good reputation in the makeup industry and I especially love it’s lipsticks. Brave Red is a dark colour with a creamy texture to it. I love the feeling on my lips and it actually stays on without drying up. I probably have to apply it three times a day which isn’t much at all. I would highly recommend this product for those with tanned/dark skin. Against a pale complexion this lipstick looks quite dark and flushes all colour out.


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My Dream Closet

It’s every girls dream to create their very own walk-in closet. I have always fantasised over the stunning walk-in wardrobes seen in the chic flick movies. Wouldn’t we all love to be Princess Mia, from the Princess Diaries, disappearing in her huge closet filled with jewels, dresses, heels and the latest designer hand bag. Maybe one day that dream could come true.

My dream closet would be a little something like this…

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Just a small town girl

It’s the home of Captain Cook, known for its steel works and can cook up a delicious dish that goes by the name of the mighty parmo. However, it’s portrayed as the slums of Britain. Anything negative in the media will no doubt involve this little town in the North East. It’s about time Middlesbrough was given some praise. Continue reading “Just a small town girl”

Reality Stars – Love or Loathe?

We’re in the year of 2016, the worlds gone barking mad. The society norm is now shagging on national TV, getting wasted and acting like a complete prick. All for fame. Welcome to our generation everyone. Proud?

Reality stars have taken over the media with their outrageous behaviour. From Geordie Shores, Gaz Beadle shagging anything with a pulse to Ex On The Beach’s, fowled mouth Jemma Lucy releasing her inner demon. What happened to the days when people became famous through talent?

Now the world is full of wannabes with hopes and ambitions to live the lavish life style. Only they seem to be doing it the wrong way.

As students we work hard, leaving University with a degree and dreams to have a successful career – hopefully. These reality stars earn a lot more than us simply for living the student life style. Eat, sleep, rave repeat with a bit of studying on the side, of course. I hope they feel sorry for the students who have to scrape pennies together for a bottle of Tesco’s own vodka.

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Holiday Heaven

Whether it’s a trashy holiday with your friends or a nice relaxing time away with the fam, we all love a good holiday. But why is it that us Brits prefer the roasting heat abroad to the luke warm British holidays. Well this is what I’m about to find out.

I’ve recently came back from a weeks holiday with my friends. We went to Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Although we went for the partying, it’s an absolutely beautiful place. I would definitely recommend people try it out one time. Yes, Ayia Napa is well known for clubbing, but there’s actually a side to it that is ideal for families and couples.

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The expensive life of a female

Lately, as I’ve been on the odd shopping spree, I’ve realised how expensive life is for girls compared to boys. Us females love the glitz and glam, but is it really fair that one top can cost £20 where as men can buy a pack of four shirts for £10? Mother nature already makes life hard for us, well so do our favourite shops and brands… Fabulous! No wonder I’m always skint.


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